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Privacy Policy

OurDigitalWorld (ODW) is committed to protecting and maintaining your privacy. However, users of the VITA Digital Collections Toolkit (VITA) are required to provide some personal information for login purposes. We do use cookies to track your user sessions and activate some functionality. 


OurDigitalWorld does not collect or share any personal information collected via the VITA Digital Collections Toolkit for use except for ODW-VITA User communications.

What Information We Collect & Where

Login name/password: Your user account requires a login name, password and associated email address. User accounts, names and passwords are managed by designated individuals at participating organizations. Any retention by ODW of personal information from user accounts is based on the duration of the user account being active, whether in use or abandoned.


Cookies: We do use cookies on our data management screens in order to track your user activity and ensure certain functionality can be implemented. This is not used for any external purposes and, in general, is not directly traceable to you. 


Google Analytics: Public VITA sites do use Google Analytics to track the number of visitors, how those visitors came to the site, and which pages those visitors visit on our site, etc. This is all handled under Google’s privacy policy. 


Please note that OurDigitalWorld does not ask for debit or credit card information via any VITA forms.

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Updated August 2022
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Privacy Policy