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Storage Policy Sample, November 11, 2009, p. 1

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Storage Policy Storing Archival Masters The storage of high quality archival master copies of everything digitized is essential. By storing the highest quality image possible, the need to rescan items later is eliminated. Archival masters can be used later to create derivative formats and copies. Editing of images or text should never be done on a master copy. Storage Procedures 1) All scanning is to be done at the highest resolution possible. Aim to scan material once. 2) Archival masters are to be saved in TIFF format. 3) All archival masters are to be saved to the external hard drive owned by South River-Machar Library. 4) Archival masters must be placed in folders which identify which organization and collection they belong to. Folders will also be created to identify which day archival masters were created on. 5) Archival masters should be named according to the established naming convention. 6) Archival masters are also to be stored on disc for some of the partner organizations. These discs are to be of Gold quality and images are to be stored on them at the end of each working day. 7) At the end of day everything must be backed up on the external hard drive. The hard drive must then be securely returned to its assigned place of storage. Standards for Archival Masters Using Photoshop ensure the master copies are saved in the correct size. Do not increase the size of files if it will compromise display quality. · Images should be digitized at 600ppi · Black and white text should be done at 400ppi greyscale. This is to accommodate OCR workflow. · Coloured textual document should be captured at 400ppi full colour. · Slides and negatives should be captured at 4800ppi. Always work from the most original format possible. Eg. The negative should be used not the print of a photo. Saving Multipage Masters Slightly different saving standards apply when dealing with multipage documents. The following procedures apply when a document is more than five pages in length. · Create a folder inside the archival masters folder with the title of the document. · All pages of the document are to be saved in that folder · File names should include _page1, _page2 etc at the end of each file name. Creating Copies from the Archival Master Archival masters should never be posted online. Designed for web versions must be created. Similarly, all editing and alteration of text or images should be done on a copy. · A working copy should be made and saved separately from the archival master. This copy should be saved as a JEPG and in 600ppi when possible. · VITA does have a resize tool, however whenever possible images should be resized using Photoshop prior to being uploaded to VITA. · Using the Save for Web feature in Photoshop create and resize a thumbnail, regular, and full size image to be used online. o Thumbnails largest side = 150 Krista McCracken Storage Policy Draft No. 2 November 11, 2009

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